Infopunkt Lesbos 2009 – die Broschüre

Eine Sammlung der faszinierenden Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse, die Aktivist_innen und Migrant_innen beim Infopunkt im Rahmen des NoBorder Camps 2009 in Lesbos teilen durften, sind in dieser englischsprachigen Broschüre zusammengefasst. Die Broschüre ist zwar keine Veröffentlichung von transact, allerdings sind es vor allem Leute aus unserem Kreis gewesen, die die Broschüre erstellt haben, deshalb findet sie sich an dieser Stelle: Download the infopoint-brochure as pdf (7.9 MB) Infopoint.pdf


* Editorial
* Circus Tent towards a Welcome Island: Reflections on the Infopoint in Mitilini / Lesvos in Summer 2009
* Unbelievable Days: Interview with Azadi – Translator & Activist at the Infopoint
* Eden: Interview with Eden
* I just Wanted to Say, that I Arrived fine: Refugee women from Eritrea in the Greek Transit
* We are on the Move to Stay: Impressions from the ›Farewell Parade‹
* We are Walking until Noborders: Interview with Mr. X
* We Saw Things can be possible! The Story of two Afghan Families who Resisted Detention
* Help yourself! Insights of the Infopoint
* Medical Advice
* We really didn’t Feel like Refugees! Reflections on Lesvos two Months after Noborder
* Last Days of Pagani in October 2009
* No to Pagani and no to any Prison
* The End, and the Beginning: A Flight from Greece to Germany
* I would like to Follow a Star. But there is no Star to Follow: – A Blog by underaged Refugees
* Hartino Karavi – A Paperboat: Permanent Info- and Welcomepoint for Refugees in Mitilini
* Useful Links & Information


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